1. Purpose and scope of collection

The main data collection on the Youtube Watchtime website includes: name, email, phone number, address. This is the information that we need customers to provide when registering an account and send contact advice and order to ensure the interests of consumers.
Customers will be solely responsible for the confidentiality and storage of all services using the service under their registered name, password and email box. In addition, customers have the responsibility to promptly notify us of unauthorized use, abuse, security breaches, and keep third party’s registered name and password to take measures to resolve. fit.

2. Scope of information use

We use the information provided by our customers to:
– Providing services and products to customers;
– Send notifications about communication activities between customers and Youtube Watchtime website.
– Prevent activities of destroying customer user accounts or activities that impersonate customers;
– Contact and solve customers in special cases
– Do not use personal information of customers outside the purpose of confirmation and contact related activities at the website Youtube Watchtime.
– In case of legal requirements: we are responsible for cooperating with the provision of personal information to customers upon request from judicial agencies, including: Procuracy, courts, police investigation related to a certain legal violation of the customer. In addition, no one has the right to compromise the personal information of customers.

3. Information storage time

– Personal data of customers will be stored until there is a request to cancel. Remaining in all cases personal information of customers will be kept confidential on the website’s server. In case personal information is suspected of being fake, violating regulations or having no login interaction for 6 months, such information will be deleted.

4. Persons or organizations with access to the information

Information we request to customers during consulting and ordering will only be used to the extent that item 2 of this Policy. Includes customer support and provision to authorities when required.
In addition, the information will not be disclosed to any other third party without the consent of the customer.